Domoteck - Azienda

Domoteck deals with the design, implementation and support of automated systems in many areas of application.
We analyze, identify, design and build the system adapted to the specific customer requirements always using the best technology that the market offers, without ever neglecting the quality / price ratio.
The strength of Domoteck is the study and development of hardware and software solutions through the use of the main products on the market, both nationally and internationally, adding to the final product with complete documentation that goes, talking about prototyping or revamping , bill of materials, the elaboration of electrical schematics and user manuals, from the development of software PLC, PC and supervision integration into corporate networks and remote control.

Furthermore Domoteck is able to propose hardware specially customized for the customer with special needs difficult to implement by standard systems on the market.

Domoteck manufactures and / or directly supervises any assembly and construction of electrical and electronic equipment of the customer.

Of remarkable importance is the technical support, assistance to start-up, training to employees and testing of production, all to guarantee a "turnkey" solution.